Become a SMART Advisor


The Smart Advisor Network MUST BE(s) to Belong:

you must be an advocate 1st & always

It’s always about the client first and forever. Advisors with the Smart Advisor Network view their role as advocates and champions for their client’s cause. We don’t make sales we design smart plans to help them achieve their goals.

you must be responsible

The success or failure you experience in your life and business has everything to do with you. Accepting responsibility in an environment of support is a cornerstone of our community.

you must be real

What you offer your clients should match what you personally own. The world has enough fake in it these days. Being genuine and putting your own financial resources where your advice goes is expected because it is the right thing to do.

you must be transparent

Open honesty in all matters is given to you from the network and expected in return from you to all network members.

you must be a taker but an equal or greater reciprocator

We want you to take the smart system knowledge from the network but we expect you to give back when you hit the level of success you were meant to achieve to new members and those in need of assistance.

you must be a part of the community

Showing up matters! Your presence is expected at the digital meetings and the network live events. We believe in and invest our time and resources into people and want their interaction, insight and engagement – we care what you think and who you are.

you must be diligent

Network advisors don’t buy stories they work to find and know the truth to protect and serve their clients.

you must be authentic

Arrogance, ego and the perception of status needs checked at the door before you come into the network. No matter the brave face, we all have doubts and challenges. The Smart Advisor Network is an environment of support not a glorified leaderboard.

you must be accountable

You will be given to freely with expectations, in return. There are no free lunches and no one has the right to take from another without value returned. Respect of time and Intellectual Property will always be strictly enforced.

you must be committed to yourself

You must believe there is more for you on your journey ahead. You must commit to working on becoming the best version of yourself – professionally and personally.

Become a SMART Advisor